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Why Green Restoration

We Respect the Environment

Green Restoration is a firm believer in protecting the environment wherever possible. We use earth friendly products and techniques at every damage cleanup and restoration job, ensuring you are restoring your property while preserving the earth for current and future generations.

Always Open

Incidents such as fires, hurricanes and severe storms do not happen at moments of convenience. Green Restoration is ready to help you with emergency cleanup and restoration work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are available year round and during holidays.

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Immediate Action

The best way to preserve your existing structures and restore your property to its original condition is by acting quickly. Green Restoration can arrive at your location within the hour and begin the cleanup and restoration work.


Our team can ensure you recover from a natural disaster or other incident with minimal fuss. We deal with your insurance company, connect with regional suppliers, hire specialist workers when necessary, and ensure your property is back to its original state in no time.

Restore and Clean While Staying Green®

Free Virtual and Contactless Inspections
We Are Available 24/7 In Case Of Emergency

Quick and efficient emergency service with our rapid response teams. Trust us to return your property to its ideal condition.

We adhere to the highest standards of COVID-19 masking, testing and cleanliness, ensuring no exposure to your family, friends or workers.

Green Restoration is here to help your business or home get back up and running.

Licensed – Bonded – Insured

Who We Help


Green Restoration has the experience and equipment to take on significant commercial damage cleanup, repair and restoration work. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we can be at your location within the hour. Our team receives thorough and periodical training, while they have access to state of the art machinery and quality supplies. We thoroughly clean, disinfect, repair and restore locations after natural disasters, biohazard spills, virus outbreaks, and other incidents. 


Green Restoration is the proud provider of residential damage cleanup and restoration services. Trust us to get your property looking its best after you experience a fire, hurricane, rainstorm or some other incident. We work diligently and charge a fair price for all services, while our team can deal directly with your homeowners’ insurance company for billing.

Educational Facilities

Green Restoration has spent decades working at schools, college campuses and tech institutes around the area. We have the training, staff and experience to complete damage cleanup, repair and restoration projects at your location. Trust us to get you back up and running within days.

Government & Municipalities

Few companies in the area have more experience assisting state governments and local municipalities with cleaning up, repairing and restoring public property. After the city experiences a hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm or other incident, property damage may be significant. Our experts can ensure those public areas are back to their best, aesthetically and functionally. We work diligently and use environmentally friendly products on all jobs.

Insurance Companies

No one enjoys dealing with insurance companies, especially during a time of crisis. Rather than having to fill out paperwork and deal with a claims agent, allow Green Restoration to take on this burden. We have relationships with all insurance providers in the area, and we can directly bill and negotiate with these companies on your behalf. Such a service ensures you receive the services you need, without the headache of sorting the billing.

Property Management

Green Restoration is in the ideal position to take charge of a domestic or commercial restoration project. If you take over an older property, you can hire our company to help with the restoration. We can assess the property, determine which areas need the most attention, and present a plan of action to you within one or two days. You can trust our experience, workmanship and connections with regional suppliers to deliver the outcome you desire.