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Green Restoration, the Easiest, Cleanest, Greenest Way to Restore Your Home


There’s few things worse than flood damage, but Green Restoration can help turn your nightmare into an environmentally-friendly dream.

We use the newest sustainable and innovative technologies and techniques to clean up any spill. Whereas some companies will use harmful chemicals or solutions to get rid of the problem, we believe in tackling it the safest way possible.

Restore and Clean While Staying Green®

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Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly

When you hire Green Restoration, you can be confident further harm to the planet isn’t being done by us fixing your issue. We believe we shouldn’t cause any more harm and recognize we’re each a caretaker of planet earth.

This is why we use environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning methods and products which are EPA registered. Everything from dry ice to plant-based cleaning products, which leave your home feeling fresher and more natural than before the flooding damage even happened. Call for Free a Quote 914-559-2694

We also use renewable energy when working, everything from electricity to cooling, so you can feel safe knowing we’re tackling more than just the future of your home. We’re focused on protecting all of our homes.

Change for a better and brighter future begins with choices both big and small, from who you choose to remediate your flood damage to which technologies we use.

We’ll show the care to your home the same we would to our own.

The Family Guarantee

As homeowners with families, we understand how upsetting and inconvenient floods and burst pipes can be. They can cause significant damage to your home and any of the priceless treasures you have. Flooding damage most often occurs in the basement, which is also where important items you don’t have space for are often found. We know the basement and the foundation can be the core of your home and we want to make sure you’re standing strong for decades to come.

At Green Restoration, we’re committed to repairing every issue no matter how big or small to ensure your family is comfortable and all your possessions are safe.

We guarantee your home will be rid of pesky bacteria and mold, which can cause many other problems if not treated properly. Our teams quickly tackle the issue at the source, so other complications don’t arise and give you more headaches.

You can be confident our sustainable solutions are the best found throughout Connecticut and Westchester Country in New York state. The family behind Green Restoration is known across the area and you can be confident in every recommendation given and made for Green Restoration.


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